New moves of Bangladesh

Bangladesh received the green light from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in late January 2023 to disburse a $4.7 billion loan. The loan has been granted for 42 months and is attached to help maintain the country’s economic stability. Recently, this Asian tiger has been struggling with crisis, foreign currency … Read More

Bangladesh is buying Bayraktars

According to press reports, Bangladesh is closely observing the effectiveness of military equipment during the hostilities in Ukraine. These observations have most likely resulted in an agreement between the Bangladesh Army and the Turkish company Baykar Technology.

Flood in Bangladesh

For the past few weeks, residents of Europe have been facing record heat waves that often exceed 35°C. Italy, Greece and Portugal are in a particularly dangerous situation, with their governments issuing advisories for residents not to waste water, which is slowly starting to run out. In a similar situation … Read More

21 February is International Mother Language Day

21 February is International Mother Language Day. This day was established in 1999 by UNESCO to commemorate the tragic events in Dhaka. On 21 February 1952, five students who demanded the official status of the Bengali language were killed by Pakistani police.