All entrepreneurs may become members of the Chamber. The seat of the entrepreneur, the object of activity or the legal form of activity is irrelevant. Only the interest in the subject of the Chamber’s activity counts.

The Chamber does not provide legal advice on conducting business activity and legal regulations in Bangladesh.

To become a member of the Chamber it is necessary to submit to the Presidium of the Chamber a relevant application for admission as a member of the Chamber and sign the membership declaration. Signing the membership declaration is tantamount to accepting by the candidate entity the provisions of the Statute of the Chamber. An application for membership can be submitted by means of a correctly filled in form (below).

Each member of the Chamber has the right to vote and stand for election to the Chamber authorities. Members of the Chamber may benefit from the activities, assistance and achievements of the Chamber. A member of the Chamber is obliged to support the Chamber in achieving its goals, to comply with the Statute and to pay membership fees in a timely manner, if any.

Membership of the Chamber is lost due to: death of a natural person, opening of bankruptcy proceedings against a member of the Chamber, placing the enterprise of a member of the Chamber in liquidation, renunciation of membership or exclusion by the Presidium of the Chamber.

By way of a resolution the Presidium of the Chamber may exclude a member from the Chamber in case of a significant breach of membership obligations, including in particular when a given entity is in arrears with membership fees for a period longer than three months. The Bureau of the Chamber shall immediately inform the excluded person about the adoption of the resolution. Such a decision may be appealed against to the General Meeting of Members.

Membership status form – submit an application for acceptance or removal from the list of members of the Chamber.

Indicate the name of your company as registered in the National Register
as registered in the National or Court Register

The data indicated in the application will be processed in accordance with our data protection policy. Read it! Remember that at any time you can demand the deletion of your data (this may hinder or prevent the exercise of your rights under the Statute of the Chamber).