First Polish footballer in Bangladesh

At the end of November 2021, Rafal Zaborowski joined the capital club Swadhinata KS. A one-year contract has been signed. Zaborowski is the first Polish footballer to play in the Bangladesh Premier League.

Despite the fact that football is not the most popular sport in South Asia (the undisputed king here is cricket, a legacy of English colonial rule) Bengali clubs do not skimp on bringing in the best players. In the last dozen years or so, the greatest careers in Bangladesh have been enjoyed by players from Nigeria, while the number of players from Europe is steadily growing. Each Bengali team is allowed to have only 4 foreigners playing at the same time and one of them must be from Asia.

The Polish player is surprised by the modernity of the capital city, and the biggest surprise for him were the ubiquitous traffic jams. The footballer praises the local restaurants, which offer dishes from all over the world, and the friendliness of Dhaka’s residents. Before the start of the season, he also had the opportunity to observe the traditional Muslim prayer of all the players of Swadhinata KS club, because as they say in Bangladesh: “If Allah wills, we will win the league.”

Rafał Zaborowski (born 01.03.1994 in Chorzów) is a Polish professional footballer. He started his professional career in the first league Ruch Radzionków, then played for LZS Piotrówka and JKS Jarosław. He also played in the Norwegian, Romanian, Greek and Slovak leagues. Since November 2021, he is wearing the colors of the Bengali capital Swadhinata Krira Sangha.

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