Bangladesz – continuous growth

In uncertain times, with war, political divisions and the pandemic situation of a year ago devastating the world’s economies, Bangladesh’s market continues to grow.

Analysing the development charts of countries, it is not difficult to see the collapse in the economies of many of them – Bangladesh, among others, is different. The changing policies of this Asian country, the constant pursuit of innovative solutions, pro-democratic thinking and the desire to cooperate with highly developed countries has brought growth in recent years.

Looking at a graph of gross domestic product (GDP), the first thing one sees is an unwavering straight line, pointing upwards, signifying tremendous growth. Bangladesh’s GDP has grown by US$280 billion over the past two decades. A similar phenomenon occurs with the HDI graph describing human development – the continuous growth of this indicator reflects the country’s development and its path to being better and better for its citizens and the world.

Source: Chamber

Photo: Nataliya Vaitkevich (