Flood in Bangladesh

For the past few weeks, residents of Europe have been facing record heat waves that often exceed 35°C. Italy, Greece and Portugal are in a particularly dangerous situation, with their governments issuing advisories for residents not to waste water, which is slowly starting to run out. In a similar situation about a month ago was Southeast Asia, including India, Nepal and Bangladesh, among others.  Residents of these countries had to live in very high temperatures of less than 40 degrees at the time.

About two weeks ago, the heat in these Asian States stopped, but a real calamity has come to Bangladesh and eastern India. For the past several days, the people of Bangladesh have been in critical distress – inundated by the worst floods in a decade, which have rendered people homeless, inundated public places, destroyed crops and many factories that were reliable places of employment for residents. The IFRC estimates that more than 7 million people are in need of emergency relief, shelter and supplies of necessities. The Bangladesh government and the Bangladesh Red Crescent, which is operating on the ground, have so far allocated more than $15 million to help flood victims, but the needs of those in need are still unmet.

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Foto: Chris Kane (pexels.com)