Climate refugee from Bangladesh

At the beginning of 2021, a precedent-setting judgment was handed down in France in the case of a Bangladeshi national.

The 40-year-old man was supposed to be deported to his home country, but due to his poor health, caused by asthma, the Judge decided to leave the man in France.

The judge’s decision was influenced by the current situation of the environment in Bangladesh, specifically the very poor air quality. The judge concluded that deportation would have caused a worsening of the man’s respiratory condition.

The Bangladeshi national reported that hospitals in Bangladesh could not provide him with adequate medical care, he also referred to the case of his father who died of asthma at the age of 54.

The air in Bangladesh appeared to be so polluted that the man’s trip to France caused his respiratory capacity to increase significantly.

According to a report prepared by IQAir Group and Greenpeace, Bangladesh has the worst air among South Asian countries.

Aleksandra Zakrzewska