India facilitates transit of fertilizer from Bangladesh to Nepal

After consultations and work on transport infrastructure for several years, India has made it easier and faster to transport fertilizers from Bangladesh to Nepal. The transportation will be done through the Rohanpur-Singhabad railroad line. The first shipment this year was sent on February 3.

The Nepal-Bangladesh transport treaty has been in force since 1976. Under it, Nepal, which is landlocked and bounded by the Himalayan mountains to the north, has its foreign trade handled. Goods exported from Bangladesh to Nepal and imported by Nepal from around the world are transported through Bangladesh. Transit is through India as the two countries are separated by a narrow strip of Indian territory of two Indian states – West Bengal and Bihar.

Rail transit traffic mainly passes through the two India-Bangladesh border crossings of Rohanpur-Singhabad and Birol-Radhikapur. Since the beginning of 2021, 27,000 tons of fertilizers have been transported to Nepal via Bangladesh and India.

Grzegorz Suchanicz