A second nuclear energy plant in Bangladesh

In the last few years, Bangladesh has seen significant energy shortages. It is assumed that the natural gas deposits used so far will be depleted in the near future. These circumstances are largely slowing down the country’s economic development.

However, Bangladesh has not stayed indifferent to this problem. An agreement concerning the use of nuclear energy was already signed with the Russian nuclear corporation Rosatom in 2010. The agreement was signed in Dhaka, after a meeting between the Director-General of Rosatom, Alexei Lichachov, and Prime Minister Bangladesh.

Rosatom is the Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation, which brings together companies and scientific institutions and also includes an engineering department called AtomStroyExport (ASE), which is currently manufacturing the most recent Russian WWER nuclear reactors.

In November 2017, ASE started construction of a two-part nuclear power plant in Rooppur, Bangladesh. The Rooppur Unit 1 will start operating in 2023 and Unit 2 in 2024.

During one of the visits made to the power plant’s body-platform, Mr Lichachov said that “Construction has gained in momentum”, and Russians are pleased that their specialists have the opportunity to enjoy life, leisure and medical care in a specially constructed district.

Recently, the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) has started preparations for the building of a second nuclear power plant. This is also confirmed by the information provided by Rosatom, who stated that the work on a feasibility study for a second power plant has started. The Bangladeshi Foreign Minister expressed clearly that, the government intends to ‘give priority’ to Russian entities.

The new power plant is expected to be built in the district of Barguna or Patuakhali.

Aleksandra Zakrzewska

Source: energetyka24.com.